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Is there still time to fight for the life you’ve always wanted?


Livvy Blunt chooses to climb up the stairs of society, and no work seems hard enough to keep her from moving. She is making things happen, taking matters by her own hands and bustling toward the future she wants. But as she tries to disconnect and focus on her goals, the world around her craves connectivity.


A new world order is emerging, and Livvy is in the eye of the hurricane. Society claims a bigger part in democracy, and technology gives them the tools to do so. They don’t want their participation limited to electing representatives. The matters of a nation are decided seamlessly, by public vote, in seconds. Government structures and bureaucracy become pointless, multinational companies interact directly with the individuals – unrestrained.


Livvy is overwhelmed by the pace of changes and, once again, turns to her past. She relies on old memories and unexpected allies to fight against her demons. Disguises will fall, and her choices will put her goals in question.


No matter how many times one changes plans to pursue new goals, newer goals will always appear. 

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