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Are you happy with the choices you have made in life?


Livvy Blunt is traveling the world, discovering new places to admire, new flavors to savor and meeting new people to share her moments with. Either the world is getting smaller, or she is getting bigger and more independent. Life at large has its benefits, but she soon realizes it comes with certain drawbacks as well.


Society gets more violent by the day – more complicated by the instant – but it was her choice to acquire skills organically. Sometimes it makes complete sense to go back and claim the upload of her preset skills; sometimes it makes even more sense to muddle along and conquer the life of her dreams.


Feeling lost and disheartened, her mother’s memories become her north again. Each new fact Livvy learns about her brings another layer of mystery to her past. During this confusion, an old friend will ask for her help – the kind of help that requires personal sacrifice.


Our choices dictate the life we live, and Livvy’s life is a mess right now.

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