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She has lived her life holding her actions and thoughts.

Now it's time to fight for the life she wants.

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Memory Full book | Livvy and Ramon

Memory Full is a YA Dystopian book series telling the adventures of Livvy Blunt, a girl with an unquiet mind living in a place of silence and meditation: a monastery.
She has patiently followed strict rules, with the promise of a skill bundle to be uploaded into her brain, which would allow her the ideal job and grant her the perfect life she has always dreamed of.


When her upload day comes, the rules are changed.

People say she's lucky for being accepted into the upload program, but o
nly an unexpected adventure will tell her if that's true.

Optimize Your Mind: Memory Full



Just another author, with the same set of letters from the alphabet, trying to put them in such order that they could bring joy, excitement, pain, and inspiration — while making a living out of it.



Songs I'd love to find in a soundtrack of a Memory Full movie series

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